Directions of Throat-Protecting Granules(Sugar Free)

[Drug Name]
General name :Throat-Protecting Granules (Sugar Free)
Chinese pronunciation spelling: Qinghouyan keli
[Ingredients] Radix Scrophulariae,Radix Scutellariae,Radix Rehmanniae,Radix Ophiopogonis,
Fructus Forsythiae.
[Description] brown granules; slight bitterish taste
[Indications] nourishing yin£¬removing intense heat from the throat and detoxicate. It is indicated for treating localized diphtheria, mild toxic diphtheria, acute tonsillitis and angina .
[Administration] The remedy should be dissolved in boiled water . The first time is 10 grams(2 bags), then 5 grams(1 bag) for each time , four times daily. Reduce the dosage properly for children.
[Specification] 5g per bag.
[Storage] In a tightly sealed case.
[Package] Packaged in aluminum and plastic complex membrane bag,10 bags per box.
[Validity] 2 years.
[Approval] Guo Yao Zhun Zi Z20003381